Dr Jerry Smith is the founder as well as the winecrafter at Eagle Fork Vineyards.  Dr Smith’s training to become a vineyard owner and crafter of fine wine can be traced back to his childhood, living and working in the heart of the largest concentration of Concord grape production in the United States.  At that time most Concord grape production went into the production of grape juice for Welch’s grape juice company. Today that region boasts many fine wineries and award winning wines. Dr Smith earned a PhD in the field of environmental chemistry before founding an environmental engineering company in 1982.  In 2004, Dr Smith sold his company and retired to start Eagle Fork vineyards. For Jerry, creating wine is an expression of dedication, passion, skill, imagination, experience, patience, and resolve. It is the pursuit of never being satisfied but always seeking to improve. Much like an artist that seeks perfection in his paintings, so does the winemaker seek the perfect wine.  Every wine produced by Eagle Fork Vineyards is distinctly different from all other wines we produce and every year is different than the year before. In 2004, Jerry traveled to Italy to study playing classical music to the grape vines. Classical music produces sound frequencies that drives insects from the vines, eliminating the need to spray harmful toxic chemicals on the fruit.  The elimination of toxic sprays insures healthy pesticide free fruit and wines. The farming practices employed by Eagle Fork Vineyards protect our environment and our customers that partake in the enjoyment of our fine wines.


Eagle Fork Vineyards also prides itself on the experience of tasting wine at our winery and our beautiful wine tasting room.  From the wonderful view of the mountains that surround us to the mountain stream that flows through the vineyards, we strive to make your experience more than just tasting fine wine.  We want your day at Eagle Fork Vineyards to be a day to remember. Call ahead and one of our courteous and friendly staff will be happy to take you and your party on an informative tour of the winery.  Bring a lunch, your children and your pet and enjoy the day. Look for rubies or garnets in Eagle Fork Creek or just lay back and enjoy fine wine surrounded by the beautiful vineyards and Mother Nature at her best.