About Us

     Dr Jerry Smith and his wife Teresa are the co-founders as well as the wine crafters at Eagle Fork Vineyards.  Dr Smith’s training to become a vineyard owner and crafter of fine wine, can be traced back to his childhood living on a grape farm in the heart of the New York State grape growing region.  This region is well known for its fine wine and champagne.  He learned many lessons while growing up on a grape farm, lessons that carried through the rest of his life.  Lessons like hard work, dealing with the unpleasantness of bitter cold pruning during the New York State winters, and long hot humid days during harvest, demanded hands on attention.  Disappointment when the crop failed to meet the demanding standards of buyers such as Welch’s Grape Juice Co, and perseverance in never giving up.   As a young boy, the sacrifices needed to help a family struggling to survive in a demanding occupation that often was at the mercy of Mother Nature.  These childhood lessons served Dr Smith well in both pursuing his education in the field of chemistry as well as success as a business owner.  In 2004 Jerry sold the environmental company he founded and retired to pursue his dream of owning his own vineyards and making fine wine.  For Jerry, making fine wine is like an artist painting a great picture.  It is an expression of passion, skill, imagination, experience, patience, devotion and resolve.  It is the pursuit of never being satisfied but always seeking to improve.  Every wine produced by Eagle Fork Vineyards is distinctly different from all other wines we produce and every year is different from the year before.  In 2004, Jerry traveled to Italy to study playing classical music to the grape vines.  Music produces frequencies that drives the insects from the vines and eliminates the need to spray harmful toxic chemicals on the plants.  This insures the most healthy non-toxic grapes and wines.  The farming practices employed by Eagle Fork Vineyards protect the environment as well as insure the quality and purity if its wine.

Teresa brings her own set of skills to Eagle Fork Vineyards.  While Jerry grows the grapes and makes the wine, it is Teresa’s discriminating palate and fine sense of the wine’s bouquet that makes the difference between good wine and excellent wine.  Her exceptional talents also extend to our new wine tasting facility.  The warm and beautiful decorated interior of our wine tasting room has drawn the praise on nearly all those that walk through the doors.  Whether it is a cozy glass of wine surrounded by the views of our beautiful mountains or a beautiful and elegant wedding surrounded by vestiges of the past, Eagle Fork Vineyards is unique among wineries.